NCAA Rumors

Freshman sensation Lonzo Ball wasted no time taking college hoops by storm … and now former UCLA star Baron Davis is showing a LOT of love for the young hooper … proclaiming Ball a future NBA All-Star. TMZ Sports spoke with B.D. about the freshman phenom — who leads the NCAA in assists (9 per game) as a freshman — and it’s clear Baron expects nothing but greatness. “He will definitely be a UCLA Hall of Famer,” Davis says. “He’s following right after Russ (Westbrook) and all the rest of the great point guards.”
Collins said that Jules Erving has recently started to receive interest from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Kennesaw State and Georgia State. Erving said that, for him, playing in college depends on whether he receives a Division I scholarship offer. “If it’s not D-I, I don’t think I’d do it,” Erving said. “I’d probably just focus on my books. That’s the biggest thing for me right now. “I have a 3.5 GPA and I’m trying to get it higher. I want to go into business with my dad. “
An NBA scout has told The Undefeated that Rabb has gotten stronger during the offseason, improved his jump shot and is a very impressive cerebral player, which was music to the sophomore’s ears. Rabb believes he will be more prepared for the NBA next season. He has the potential be a Top 10 selection next year with a strong season. “He has improved his ability to make perimeter shots with confidence and consistency,” Martin said.
Storyline: Ivan Rabb Going Pro?
In his new Showtime documentary One & Done, Philadelphia 76ers forward Ben Simmons says that for a surefire NBA player like himself, attending college for a year felt “like wasting time.” That, naturally, did not sit well with NCAA president Mark Emmert. “If someone wants to be a pro basketball player and doesn’t want to go to college, don’t go to college,” Emmert said, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate. “We don’t put a gun to your head.”