NCAA Rumors

Terrance Ferguson: Until my sophomore year of high school, I didn’t even know if I could play professionally. It wasn’t until I started seeing my name popping up in a few articles talking about prospects that I realized there was a slight chance I could make it in the pros, maybe even the NBA. When I saw those articles, it just made me work harder to be even better. I won gold at the Under-16, 17, and 19 FIBA Championships. My senior year, I was named a McDonald’s All-American. Playing ball at a top school was the natural next step, right? I thought so, too, until the Nike Hoops Summit. That’s when the 36ers approached me. They really liked how I played, and started talking about how they could develop me even further. That’s what really got my attention.
Ferguson: In terms of development, players from overseas are further along than players here. Just look at the last NBA Draft. In college, you have time limits on your workouts, you have class, you have so many other things taking up your time. Overseas, you’re on your own, playing in a grown man’s league. You’re working out twice a day, just focusing on basketball. I’ve played against a lot of guys from overseas, and I’ve heard about how many hours they put in. If I get that many hours, with my talent, my athleticism, my game, my mindset, I can be one of the best players in the nation. I can be a top draft pick.
Stevens also said schools have not approached him about a return to the college game. “I’ve been asked by multiple media outlets and media people throughout the years, but not directly [from a school]. This, to me, was about learning and growing and getting better. This has been great in stretching me as a coach and continuing to grow us to what we ultimately want — another championship banner,” he said. “The longer I’ve been in it, the less it’s about anything more than becoming the best you can be year-to-year.”
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