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B/R: If your very brief NFL flirtation had worked out, what would’ve been your dream team situation? NR: Seattle Seahawks. B/R: Where would you have ended up had you pursued a football scholarship at Washington? NR: I’d probably have a nice 10-, 11-year career somewhere. A few Super Bowls, MVPs, rings, for sure. I knew I would have to be the best football player ever like Deion Sanders. Jerry Rice is one of the best, but Deion and Bo Jackson are the best athletes ever. Sanders is the greatest. He has his own real, full-fledged rap video. They played it out here before the game during warm-ups. My first game here, I was dancing like, “Hold up. Is this my playlist?” It was one of my favorite songs, “Must Be the Money.”
wpid-i_c3_f6_d0_182557672.jpg How serious are you about pursuing the NFL? Nate Robinson: Serious as a heart attack. Totally serious. As soon as I get the opportunity, if it comes my way, I’ll take full advantage of it. Is playing in the NFL a dream of yours? Nate Robinson: It’s a big-time dream. Something I’ve always wanted to do, play both sports at the highest level. We’ll see if I can be the first one to really do it.
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The Los Angeles Rams knew they would command huge swathes of public opinion when they announced their blockbuster trade with the Tennessee Titans for the number one pick in the draft. And indeed they did, but it happened about 12 hours after they knew the deal was in place. Knowing that Kobe was preparing to take the court for the final time of his career, the two teams didn’t want to overshadow his moment and therefore delayed the announcement until the following morning, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
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