NFL Rumors

Veteran NBA front office executives we’ve spoken to recently are bewildered at the way NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handled the ball-pressure issue with Tom Brady and the Patriots. And it looked even worse to them in contrast to the NBA. Said one exec: “I can’t believe this became an actual ‘incident.’ I’m sure Adam (Silver, the current commissioner) would handle it right, but I know what (former commissioner) David (Stern) would have done. As soon as there was a question or complaint raised by another team, David would have been on the phone (to the accused club) saying, ‘Here’s what I’m being told. If this is going on, it stops now.’ That’s it. Over and done.”
It’s the story of every summer, and it’s not one that sits well with Duke Ihenacho, the former Bronco and current Redskins safety. Ihenacho took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out the NFL for its contracts that are not fully guaranteed, part of the collective bargaining agreement that was ratified by the NFL Players Association. Ihenacho’s take: Duke Ihenacho: All this guaranteed money NBA throwing. Meanwhile the NFL, which generates the most money wont even make the league minimum $1M. Yes $1M minimum. That means every single player’s salary in the NFL should start there. Highest risk of injury..brain trauma, richest league
Rita LeBlanc once expected to spend many years running the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, which would have made her one of the most powerful women in pro sports. This week, the disowned granddaughter has spent many hours on a witness stand, trying to persuade a judge that her 87-year-old grandfather, Tom Benson, was not of sound mind when he ousted her, her mother and her brother from ownership positions with his NFL and NBA clubs, and changed his succession plan to place his third wife in line to control his business empire.