NFL Rumors

The Spurs have been the model franchise in the NBA for nearly two decades, and Kirk Cousins wants a piece of what San Antonio has. But it’s not just the five championships or the seemingly unending run of title contention that Cousins desires. He wants the Washington Redskins to mimic the Spurs’ ability to remain under the radar despite all the success. “I’ve told my teammates that I’d like to be the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL,” Cousins said, via ESPN. “Be super boring and maybe people at the end of the season just go, ‘Wow, they really had a good year and no one really talked about it.'”
Basketball legend Chauncey Billups will have a say as the Denver Broncos’ home venue faces some big decisions, including finding a new naming sponsor. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock appointed Billups to the nine-member board of the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, one of several board and commission appointments Hancock announced Friday. “He is a great appointment and will bring his expertise on sports facilities and contracts. It will be beneficial to our board,” Matt Sugar, a spokesman for the district, said of Billups.