Officiating Rumors

Mark Cuban on the NBA’s refereeing: “There’s still a lot of room for improvement but I think transparency makes a huge difference. I think the biggest change that’s going to happen that (NBA commissioner Adam Silver) has really started to push through is in recruiting and training. I remember back after 2006 when I was just going bananas and it really was the only time I was looking at selling the team, sitting down with them and showing them a list at that point and time where all our most recent refs over the past 10 years had worked at prior to coming to the NBA, and they were all from two conferences: the Southern, I think, whichever conference had Belmont. They were two really tiny conferences and it was because the college coach of the then head of officials, Ronnie Nunn, was the head of officiating in those two conferences. So we had this little back scratching arrangement which nobody even knew existed. Didn’t even know existed. Since that time we’ve started to make headway in better recruiting of officials but now we’re really starting to take it seriously.”