Officiating Rumors

Michael C. Wright: Here’s the entire Gregg Popovich quote on the league’s reports: “You’d have to ask them exactly why they do it. It doesn’t change anything. For the people involved, it’s very frustrating because there’s nothing you can do about it. So it’s sort of an odd practice in that sense, but I think they just want to have transparency. So from their perspective it’s a good thing so that people know they can admit errors, that’s always a good thing, and people won’t just guess about what’s going on. So from their perspective it’s a good thing and that’s hard to argue with. But it is frustrating when things happen like what happened in game two and the last game at the end. But again, officials aren’t doing that on purpose, They’re going to miss things, it’s a tough deal. I’m absolutely frustrated and angry that the calls weren’t made. But it happens to everybody along the way. I’ve been in the business long enough, you end up on both sides of it, for sure. So you let it go so you can play the next game.”