Pat Riley Rumors

“Pat was completely controlling all the time,” Vitti said. “Phil was more controlling off the court, but not as much during games. Phil did all his coaching in practice.” Jackson also had some unique coaching techniques. “He calls a timeout, and we have one player that’s complaining to the official and Phil walks straight and Joey Crawford is there,” Vitti recalled about a certain game. “Phil looks at his own player, and tells Joey, ‘Joey, give him a [technical].’ What coach would tell an official to give his own player a T?”
NBA free agency remains one of the more unpredictable events in sports (remember this?), but the Heat sound like keeping Hassan Whiteside will be a top priority this summer. Whiteside is finishing the final months of a deal that pays him under $1 million this season and is set to hit a huge payday this summer. The guy who was training at the Charlotte YMCA in 2014 could be looking at a four-year, $80 million contract. “I’ve never been around that kind of turnaround,” team president Pat Riley said this afternoon. “We’ve had some players that we’ve opened our eyes up on, but I think what Hassan did last year and what he’s doing now, his level of play– it’s just all about more experience, more reps, understanding how important he is for us. But in my 50 years in the NBA, I have never seen that kind of phenomenon. I know this is hurting me right now as far as his free agency goes because I’m complimenting him, but he’s grown a lot.”