Phil Handy Rumors

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni gave Phil Handy a great recommendation. An NBA source told The Plain Dealer on Friday that Handy has been hired by the Cavaliers, but the team said nothing is official yet. Handy was a player development coach for the Lakers under Mike Brown and D’Antoni, who replaced Brown earlier this season. “He’s really good at developing players, a good workout guy with a great work ethic,” D’Antoni said Friday. “He’ll do a super job for Mike, for sure.”
What exactly is the difference between a player development coach and assistant coach?”It’s more just area of responsibility,” D’Antoni said. “It’s the same thing. One guy might [prepare] defense against Detroit. Another guy might develop players. It’s just a different area. “He can do whatever. His specialty was working guys out, making them better. Especially for a young group of guys he’s good for them. I don’t what he’s going to do for Cleveland, so I don’t know where he fits in. But wherever he fits in, he’ll be good.”