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Phil Jackson made his remarks in an interview with Charley Rosen after the season that was published Friday by Today’s FastBreak: Here is Jackson’s full quote from the interview: “I don’t consider hiring Fish [Derek Fisher] a mistake because he worked hard and got the guys to stay as positive as possible while the losses piled up. I think the biggest mistake I made was actually this. … One of the first deals I engineered when I came back to New York was to trade Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to Dallas for Shane Larkin, Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington, Samuel Dalembert, plus a second-round pick that the Mavs owed to the Celtics. In talking with Boston, I was given the option of taking that pick or else taking Jae Crowder. I liked Crowder but I thought he wouldn’t get much of a chance to play behind Carmelo, so I took the pick, which turned out to be Cleanthony Early. While Cleanthony has missed lots of time in the past two seasons with us, he still has the potential to be a valuable player. Even so, I should have taken Crowder. Anyway, for all of us, making mistakes are part of the learning process. We won 15 more games this season than we did last season, something that’s not easy to do in the NBA. I’d be more than happy if we could make the same jump next season.”
2 days ago via ESPN
Phil Jackson on trades and picks: “We spent a lot of time trying to get something done, but there was no way I was going to deal our 2018 first-round pick. It was clear all along that the free-agent market was the main way we could keep progressing. “One of our several needs will be to sign a guard who can penetrate and attack the basket in early offense and screen/roll situations. Whomever we sign also has to avoid over-handling the ball and be able to get us into our offense if we can’t run ourselves into an easy shot. “I’ve always liked big guards…6-4, 6-5, around there. That’s because having someone that big reduces the disadvantages of having to switch on high screens.”
Phil Jackson on firing Derek Fisher: “Almost from the start, this was a difficult time for Derek. Derek did have a situation that took some focus away from his coaching during the preseason, but I never doubted that his focus was on coaching the team. A divorce and coast-to-coast move with children does put pressure on a person’s life, but that’s the NBA. However, Derek did move the team forward. He was dedicated and he worked hard. The players hustled and, for the most part, stayed as positive as was possible. And Derek did manage to survive last season and to deal with the heavy pressure of the constant losing, which is probably more intense in New York than in any other NBA city. “When I was coaching, I liked to play a lot of players and usually found a rotation of 9-10 players to play, but it was hard for Derek to find a workable rotation. Nevertheless, the team did develop under him, and we have enough pieces in place to give us a chance to compete every night.”
Before signing his first NBA contract last month, the 6-foot-11 Hernangomez was introduced to the Knicks president. “When I met him, I was very excited because it’s Phil Jackson,” Hernangomez told The Post in a phone interview from Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday. “I talked to him, said hello, nice to meet you. He told me, ‘Willy, I love your game.’ I was like, I had no more words. My body was stopped. I feel the confidence from the team and Phil and the coach, too. They told me some good things, and I feel great.”
New York Knickerbockers President Phil Jackson announced today that the team has signed guard Ron Baker. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Baker, 6-4, 220-pounds, played four seasons at Wichita State University, averaging 13.2 points, on 43.3-percent shooting, with 4.2 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 1.31 steals over 30.6 minutes in 124 games. He was a part of three Missouri Valley Conference championships (2013, 2014, 2015), nine NCAA Tournament wins, two trips to the Sweet 16 (2013, 2015) and a trip to the 2013 Final Four. As a senior (2015-16), he averaged 14.0 points, 4.8 rebounds, 3.2 assists and 1.51 steals over 31.6 minutes in 35 games. His postseason honors included: John R. Wooden Second Team All-American; USA Today Second Team All-American and 2015 finalist for Jerry West Award.
Q – Okay. Let’s turn to the Knicks. There’s been a lot of criticism in the media about how ineffectively the team is running the triangle. Why is this so? Phil Jackson: Today’s players simply lack the skills to play the triangle. They know how to play one-on-one, catch-and-shoot, and they’ve mastered crossover dribbles, spins, playing off of screens and step-back shots. They don’t know how to execute things like inside-reverse pivots and other basic footwork. They have no sense of timing or organization. They don’t really know how to play five-on-five basketball. It’s strictly generational. That’s why Fish {Derek Fisher} wants to uptempo the offense. And why he spends a half-hour before practice doing lots of skills work.