Quin Snyder Rumors

Even more so, Snyder was disheartened at how the Jazz finished a season that was so full of promise. “I hope that the end of this last game doesn’t entirely remove something that I think this group accomplished, which was just competing all the time,” Snyder said outside of the visitors locker room after Utah’s 101-96 loss in which Bryant scored 13 of the final 15 points in a wildly celebratory Staples Center. “It’s unfortunate that the season ended on this note,” he added, “but this is a group that constantly scratched and clawed and battled in spite of a lot of adversity.”
On Thursday at Vivint Arena, he began with the softer side of Pop. Asked about Quin Snyder’s time as coach of the Spurs’ D-League affiliate, he said, “He’s kind of a basketball philosopher at a young age, so to speak. He would give me little pamphlets about this (an inch) thick about how to guard the pick-and-roll or a nuance about this or that, and then he would beat me up until I read the whole thing and we went through it page by page. He really thinks about the game. He enjoys the heck out of it. When he gets on the court with players, he’s really in his element, because he communicates really well and he has a way about him that makes you feel good about your team. We thought he was very valuable and did a great job for us developing players.”