Referees Rumors

The Magic’s tendency to chirp at referees might be reduced by the arrival of a new coach, Scott Skiles. “I don’t mind the players if they feel like a call should’ve gone differently or something of voicing that complaint, but voice it during a dead ball,” Skiles said when asked about his philosophy about players talking to referees. “I think sometimes there is an element with the young guys coming through the AAU system and everything where they just have to realize the officials are not out there to help them. They’re out there to referee the game. So it can’t be, ‘Help me! Help me! Help me!’ They’re refereeing the game. The earlier you could understand that, the better you are.”
Canada’s basketball squad is filled with exciting, talented players like Andrew Wiggins, Cory Joseph, Kelly Olynyk, Nik Stauskas and Anthony Bennett. But as a young team, they have a tendency to play down to teams from time to time. On Friday night, it looked like they might be able to survive a sub-par effort against Venezuela as long as they could get one last stop at the end of regulation to force overtime. Then this happened: YAY WE’RE GOING TO OVERTIME … except they didn’t, because the referees called a foul on the scrum under the basket going after the missed shot.
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