Referees Rumors

Cuban actually considered selling his Mavericks in 2006, at the peak of Dirk Nowitzki’s powers, as he was despondent over the state of the NBA’s referee crew. The Dallas Morning News pointed out that bit of information in its transcription of the podcast on Monday night. Here’s Cuban: “There’s still a lot of room for improvement but I think transparency makes a huge difference. I think the biggest change that’s going to happen that (NBA commissioner Adam Silver) has really started to push through is in recruiting and training.
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Asked about the difference in playing an NBA style, Towns said, “It’s the officiating. I’m not so used to the officiating and how everything works with the fouls. Those things I’ve got to get used to. I think it’s just more the way things are called — you’ve got to get used to it.” Garnett also has had conversations with Towns, a sign he wants to serve as a leader and mentor. “He was just telling me more about changing my game a little bit because in an 82-game season I can’t be trying to bang with people the way I like to do,” he said. “Use more turnaround jump shots. Use more things that save my body for five-games-in-seven-days stretches.
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