Referees Rumors

DA: The league experimented with “off-site” video review during the Vegas Summer League (really, it was just a locker room in the back of the buildings) to try and simulate how replays could be reviewed and decisions made by its league Replay Center in New Jersey during the regular season. At present, the Replay Center only lines up the replays for the officials on site; the referees at the games make the final decisions on reviewable matters. I think the league should take over that responsibility, just as the NHL and Major League Baseball have done. Hockey in particular has done an excellent job of having its replay officials in New York make quick decisions that don’t interfere with the flow of the game.
Tonight’s Game 5 referees are Monty McCutchen, James Capers, and Jason Phillips, which is about as solid a crew as you’re going to get until the NBA loads it up if there’s a Game 7 next Friday. If you’ve been following the playoffs, you know that this is also a relatively good draw for the Warriors, because the NBA’s other option for the lead in this game was Scott Foster, who is a very good ref but one stat is eye-catching right now. Road teams are 11-1 with Foster calling the game in this year’s playoffs, including Game 2 of the NBA finals, when Cleveland won at Oracle. Foster also called Game 2 of the Memphis series, which the Warriors also lost at Oracle. (And Game 3 in both the New Orleans and Houston series, when the Warriors won on the road both times.) With this rotation, Foster is now set up to call Game 6 at Cleveland–so the Warriors would not only avoid Foster at Oracle, they are likely get him in Cleveland… double-whammy there for the Cavaliers, if you believe in these stats.
via San Jose Mercury-News