Rick Carlisle Rumors

Most of it is basketball-based, as Parsons often shoots and watches film with Carlisle in one-on-one sessions. But they also socialize some, having attended concerts together and shared many meals, occasionally with Carlisle’s wife and daughter and Parsons’ parents and/or longtime best friend/personal assistant, Pausha Haghighi. They’ve also played late-night ping pong on the table in the Mavs’ locker room. (Parsons and Carlisle both swear they won the three-game set, and Carlisle complains that “my table tennis brethren would be disappointed with his [illegal] serve.”)
Parsons, who had averaged an extremely efficient 22.8 points and 7.0 rebounds in the previous nine games, was disappointed that his coach didn’t have enough confidence in him to give him the crunch-time benefit of the doubt that stars around the league are afforded. “It’s definitely strange to me, especially after how I’ve been playing,” Parsons told ESPN.com. “It’s definitely different, but every game calls for something different. You can’t have it every night. There’s going to be off nights, but I feel like I’ve played well enough to be in at the end of games.”