Rick Pitino Rumors

Garfinkel, who was referred to as “Garf” by friends, relished kibitzing about coaching and all things round ball with a bravado born a block off of Broadway. He often held court with noted raconteurs like Hubie Brown and Rick Pitino past 4 a.m. at the Carnegie Deli, a short walk from his midtown apartment on West 55th St. He shuffled his way in and out of high school games with an ambling gait. Friends remembered a shtick that only Garfinkel, bespectacled with thick-frame glasses, could employ as he introduced clinicians at a no-frills camp that focused on defense and fundamentals. It came to be known for a format that matched stationmasters and top prospects.
Pitino’s debut at the Pan Am Games in July underscored just how daunting a task he had undertaken. It featured a 92-59 drubbing at the hands of Brazil. Then came another 30-point plus loss to Team USA. However, since then that initial rag-tag Puerto Rican squad has been upgraded for the next week’s FIBA Americas Championship Olympic qualifier in Mexico City. But the reality is the team is overmatched. Just don’t tell that to Pitino. “I don’t regret this at all,” Pitino said. “Coach K [Mike Krzyzewski] and Brett Brown both told me I’d learn a lot — and I have.”
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