Rob Hennigan Rumors

The Magic are not actively looking at trades or changes, and they likely won’t do much in the way of outbound shopping this year. While every team is open for business, the Magic are truly using this season to figure out who are really the long-term pieces to the championship puzzle. The Magic are going to face some tough decisions in the immediate future, mainly because as bright as some of the parts are, the Magic are still one player away from being a serious contender, and that may require cashing out some duplication to get there.
DM: Your roster stands at 17* now, how will you make those final decisions? Do you think you’ll have a 15th guy? Have you made that decision yet? Or how will you view these last games with these final two or three roster spots? (* NOTE: Since the recording of this interview, the Magic have also waived Melvin Ejim.) RH: I think we’re going to take this next week to sort of cement that in our minds. I think there’s a chance we could keep 15, there’s a chance we don’t. A lot is going to depend on the next couple of days and certainly the last few preseason games. We’ll have to make a decision here by this weekend at the latest and we will. I’m not sure yet. Don’t know.
Storyline: Training Camp Cuts
DM: What did you think of the team’s trip to Rio? Obviously a great trip from the business side of things and a chance to go down to Rio, a booming market to build that Orlando Magic brand down there, but also from a team standpoint an opportunity to bond and to grow. RH: It was a great trip Dante, it really was. From start to finish, certainly the business component that you speak of was very important to us. We have a lot of fans down in Brazil and we’re hoping to continue to expand that awareness and that footprint. I think we were able to do that. And also, from a team perspective, we got a lot of good work in. It’s funny, I think it was 95 degrees in the gym we practiced in for two days, which sort of made it like an old-school high school practice. I think guys got good work in and they got to sweat it out a little bit. Certainly, when you take a trip like that, I think the guys, the players, have a chance to spend more time together than they otherwise maybe would, just because they’re forced to [laughs]. And so, from a team bonding and a team chemistry standpoint, I would say we come back to Orlando more bonded than we were when we left.
“We really wanted to find a coach who embodies the type of culture and identity that we’re trying to build here in Orlando,” said Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan. “We feel that [his] toughness, humility and attention to detail personifies the types of values that will help define our program. We were just really impressed throughout the interview process with his presence and his intellect and his passion for preparation.”
On Tuesday, he traveled to the U.S. for just the second time in his life. He’s eager to see more of his new home city, Orlando — so eager that he has peppered Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan with questions about Central Florida. “I think it’s a completely other world here, everything positive,” Hezonja said during an introductory press conference Thursday afternoon for him and second-round pick Tyler Harvey.