Robert Pera Rumors

Q: How has owner Robert Pera dealt with this season? A: Robert has been great to work for. He gives us support and the resources to maximize our team. With player salaries, we go up to the (luxury) tax. He’s new to this but he’s adapted very quickly. We run everything by Robert. That’s the NBA today. You don’t run the front office off to the side. The owner doesn’t read about what he’s done the next day in the paper. We’re explaining who these players are and what the case is. We lay it out. And we’ve skewed these call-ups toward being young. We were in a fortunate position of playing from ahead during this tumultuous time. We weren’t scrambling to get into the playoffs. We had the luxury of taking a look at younger guys. We’re very cognizant of hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.
Grizzlies minority owner and co-executive chairman Steve Kaplan, a California venture capitalist, had planned to sell his Grizzlies stake to buy 30 percent of the Wolves with a path to eventually take over as controlling owner. However, sources tell ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Zach Lowe, a dispute between Kaplan and Grizzlies owner Robert Pera over shares in the team led to a behind-the-scenes battle that took months to resolve.