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No Timofey Mozgov, who underwent knee surgery in early July. No Sasha Kaun, who just signed with the Cavaliers No Sergey Karasev, who dislocated his patella and tore his MCL in March. Not even Alexey Shved, the former Knick who is suffering from back pain. Russia announced its roster for EuroBasket, and it doesn’t include a single NBA player.
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Since Kirilenko helped his national team win Olympic bronze in 2012, Russian basketball has gone into a tailspin. The national team is in danger of failing to qualify for next year’s Olympics and the sport is losing fans to the likes of soccer and ice hockey. But Kirilenko thinks he can help turn things around. “A couple of years ago, (basketball) was the fourth or third (most popular) sport; right now I think it’s seventh, something like that,” said the 6-foot-9 forward. “I want basketball to be popular and to be in every house in our country.”
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Kirilenko faces resistance from some in the federation old guard and, with nationalist sentiment riding high in Russia, he has been criticized for having a U.S. passport in addition to his Russian nationality after becoming an American citizen in 2011 while with the Utah Jazz. “People who talk about that, they want to be picky, they want to find something that doesn’t fit a good profile,” he says. “I was born in Russia, the whole of my life I’ve been a Russian and I will die a Russian.”
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