Salary cap Rumors

One wrinkle in the current proposed deal, according to sources familiar with it: Cap holds attached to free agents coming off rookie contracts could jump to 250 and 300 percent of their prior salaries, up from 200 and 250 percent, to prevent teams from arranging wink-wink deals as San Antonio and Detroit did with Kawhi Leonard and Andre Drummond, respectively: “Hang in free agency as a cheapo cap hold, and we’ll sign everyone else first.” That extra few million matters for teams scrounging max cap space. As of now, cap holds attached to players with more experience would stay the same, per league sources. That could change, of course. But the status quo would be huge for Golden State, which is counting on Stephen Curry’s under-market cap hold — $18 million, way below his $30-million-plus max salary — to fit Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston.
2 days ago via ESPN
JW: What sticks out to you in the CBA as unfair or problematic that people might not know about? Roberts: Well, everyone knows about the salary cap. I don’t know that people are aware, or as aware, of how restrictive player movement is. I mean, most of us view a job as obviously something that’s necessary in order to pay the bills, but we also don’t view the job as a place of servitude. I probably don’t want to use that word and shouldn’t. But we all appreciate and enjoy the right to say, ‘This doesn’t work for me.’ Or, ‘This is fine, but this is a better opportunity.’ I don’t think most of us think that we are somehow required to stay at a job, especially when we think that there’s a better opportunity for us elsewhere.
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