Salary cap Rumors

But if you expand the definition of “off-season” to include the decision to allocate a big chunk of their available cap space in the February trade for Tobias Harris, then Van Gundy becomes even more enthusiastic about the makeover general manager Jeff Bower’s front office, under Van Gundy’s direction, was able to achieve. “People forget that over half of the potential cap space was used on Tobias Harris during the year,” Van Gundy said. “So you really have to look, even though we did it at the trade deadline, that was a cap space move that allowed us going forward to do it and still be able to acquire other guys. So I throw Tobias into that. When you look at him in that group, to me it’s definitely an A (grade).”
It will be interesting to see how the Pistons handle the situation. The team is already projected to be over the cap for the 2017-18 season, and a Caldwell-Pope extension would almost assuredly put the Pistons into luxury tax territory. But owner Tom Gores told the Free Press recently he has no qualms about being a taxpayer. “Look, if we weren’t building a core, there’s really no point in paying the luxury tax,” Gores said. “Because we are building a core, would I do it? Yeah, absolutely. So you say go into the luxury tax for nothing, then that would be silly because then we’re putting the franchise behind. But given that we have such a good core, if that’s what it took, and we feel we’ve made such progress this year, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it because we want to keep getting better.”
Langlois: The Pistons made their move for Boban Marjanovic with the expectation that Aron Baynes will opt out of his contract next summer, Kamal. They will be limited in what they can offer him given that they will have only partial Bird rights and they felt it was better than 50-50 that another team – understanding the position the Pistons would be in, just as the Pistons gauged the difficulty San Antonio would have in matching an offer sheet to Marjanovic – would shape an offer that would hamper their ability to retain Baynes. If Baynes is injured and opts in, it wouldn’t have any impact on their ability to retain Caldwell-Pope. They’ll have his full Bird Rights and can go over the salary cap to keep him. It might require them to exceed the luxury tax limit, as well. That will be a discussion Stan Van Gundy and Pistons owner Tom Gores will need to have, but Gores has indicated he would be willing to do so if circumstances dictated its logic.
The executive director of the players’ union, Michele Roberts, gave an interview where she called salary caps un-American. What is your relationship with her like? Adam Silver: The communication is very direct between Michele and me. As a still relatively new head of the union, I think she is establishing herself, and it’s not for me to say what she should be saying publicly or otherwise. What I care most about is what is said across the bargaining table. We have built a relationship. We’re in the process of growing that relationship. I have tremendous respect for her. She has never made any issues personal. And to the extent she’s said things publicly, I think she’s made a distinction between what may be a personal point of view and a position that the union is taking.