Sam Hinkie Rumors

Q: If some doctors say no and others are OK with him playing, how much of a say does Joel Embiid have in whether he plays or not? What if he says “I want to go”? Sam Hinkie: It’s important. He’s a part of this. He’s a young player, and we have some expertise that we can help him with and ask questions on his behalf. He’s an adult so we keep him involved every step of the way. In some ways we drive this process for him, but in some ways we’re advocates on his behalf. We try to get great advice for him and for us. We wouldn’t let something silly happen in either direction, so Step 1 is finding out what is silly.
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Q: You’ve never brought up the word, but many wonder if this is another “tanking” year. It would seem with more talent would come more winning. Is that OK in this point of the process? A: Our focus is on each of our players and their individual development and how that can all fit together. That’s been pretty consistent for us and that will be consistent for us going forward. We’ll take the results as they come. It’s important that what drives us are our players that will be a part of our future. That hasn’t changed.
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Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie declined to comment, but a Sixers team source disputed the allegation. “That’s not true,” the Sixers source said. According to the other two sources, the Sixers are now trying to receive a payment from the Los Angeles Lakers for allegedly misinforming them about Andrew Bynum. Bynum came to the Sixers from Los Angeles in a four-team deal in August 2012. But the 7-foot center never played for the team due to chronically injured knees.
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General Manager Sam Hinkie addressed Embiid’s health during his post-draft press conference today. While Hinkie was not able to provide much certainty on the big man’s future — they’re still in the process of getting opinions from various medical professionals around the world — Hinkie did say he did not expect Embiid to participate in summer league. “I don’t see how he’d play in summer league. [Those are] not the kind of conversations we’ve been having,” Hinkie said.
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