Sam Presti Rumors

For a few days following Durant’s departure, there was speculation the Thunder would start over and trade Westbrook, who was set to become a free agent after the 2016-17 season. Instead, he signed a two-year contract extension and the organization was recharged instead of rebooted. “It’s been a tremendous opportunity for us as an organization and obviously Russell and his commitment and a lot of the young players we’ve had in place, we’re really excited about the opportunity to continue to build what is an unwritten legacy,” Presti said. “We will be going on our ninth season in Oklahoma City and we see this as another point in time to continue to build on our principles and vision for what the Thunder stands for and is about. We’re uniformly excited about what lies ahead, knowing full well that there’s going to be ups and downs. Part of building a sustainable and enduring organization is encountering different things along the way and figuring out how to turn them into opportunities to grow. That’s our mentality.”