Scott Brooks Rumors

“When you look at Scotty Brooks and what he did, and George Karl, Lionel Hollins, and then Tom, that’s the climate,” Rivers said. “Listen, we are in a tough profession and we know it when we take the job. It’s easier to change one [coach] than 12 [players] or 15, and it’s easier to change a coach than a front office. I think we all know that. That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it looks like it’s always going to be. But it’s tough and there’s a lot of good coaches losing their jobs over stuff. Usually it’s not in basketball. Part of it is relationship, but it’s got to be a two-way street. It’s just a tough atmosphere right now in that regard.”
Among the best Thunder-related things happening in the Finals, however, is a reunion with former Thunder center Kendrick Perkins. Slater wrote about Perkins for Thursday’s Oklahoman, but had some leftovers. Prior to Game 1, Perkins was asked his thoughts on Scott Brooks’ firing. “I was surprised. I was surprised. You can have all the talent you want. But one thing about Scotty is he won games,” Perkins said. “A lot of people talk about the offense, but he allowed KD and Russ to play their games. He let them play with a lot of freedom. But sometimes, I guess, you just gotta roll with a new voice. I wish them nothing but the best.”
Although sources have not confirmed, potential candidates for the Pelicans’ vacancy could include former Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks, former Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson, Warriors current lead assistant Alvin Gentry, Pacers assistant and former Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan, former Sacramento Kings and Pelicans assistant Mike Malone, Chicago Bulls assistant Adrian Griffin,University of Kentucky coach John Calipari, former New York Knicks and Houston Rockets Jeff Van Gundy.
While Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau is the leader in the Orlando Magic vacant coaching clubhouse, Scott Skiles and Scott Brooks are still in contention. I’m hearing the Magic job is Thibodeau’s if he so desires, although some basketball insiders are speculating New Orleans could be Thibodeau’s preferred landing spot. Skiles hasn’t coached since being jettisoned by the Bucks in January of 2013, but has a huge fan in Richard DeVos, the Magic owner.
This week, the Nuggets turn up the heat on their search for a new coach. The process is expected to take most if not all of the month. The Nuggets are looking to replace Brian Shaw, who was fired in the second half of the season. Their list of candidates is believed to include, but is not limited to Melvin Hunt, who took over as interim head coach when Shaw was fired; former NBA head coach Mike D’Antoni; Golden State assistant coach Alvin Gentry; and Scott Brooks, recently fired as Oklahoma City coach. The Nuggets are looking for a coach who will institute a fast-paced style.
One week after the Oklahoma City Thunder general manager made the cold and calculated decision to fire longtime coach Scott Brooks, he was zeroing in on Florida’s Billy Donovan to serve as successor while making it abundantly clear how he sees this next era unfolding. Donovan not only checks all kinds of boxes that were apparently keeping Presti up night – offensive creativity in addition to defensive capability, top-to-bottom synergy when it comes to basketball beliefs, in-game adjustments and the like – but he’s a big enough name in the game that landing him would send an impressive and important message to his team’s stars.
Presti thought Brooks was a good coach. But Presti believes he can find a better coach. At least for this Thunder roster at this point in time. “I think you are always evaluating, and thinking to yourself, ‘How do we improve, how do we grow, and where are those opportunities as an organization that is focused on building a sustainable team and a great organization?’” Presti said. “Those are questions you have to ask yourself.”