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“Basketball is obviously always my main thing, (but) I really enjoy doing something (where) you get outside of your comfort zone,” Griffin told USA TODAY Sports recently. “That (show in Montreal) was, like, terrifying. Small audience. Not even like a remotely big show at the festival, but still, like – terrifying…I think that’s how you get better as a person. You figure things out about yourself, and you have confidence about different things, so anything I do I want to do it as well as I possibly can and not just do it to do it.”
The story of Matthew Dellavedova’s journey from small-town Australia to NBA champion is headed for the big screen. Milwaukee Bucks point guard Dellavedova and business partner Bruce Kaider announced on Monday their partnership with Los Angeles-based producers Zachary Green and Jason Shuman to develop a full-length feature film based on Dellavedova, a “blue-collar kid” who defied odds to reach basketball’s highest level and play alongside NBA stars like LeBron James.
By all metrics, when Space Jam was released in November 1996, the film was a smash hit. It opened No. 1 at the box office, was a merchandising juggernaut for all parties involved, and helped relaunch the Looney Tunes. In today’s Hollywood, those kinds of results would immediately warrant an immediate follow-up. Now, 20 years after the original, a sequel from Fast Five director Justin Lin and NBA superstar LeBron James is reportedly in the works, a move that baffles Pytka. “I think it’s ridiculous to try and make a different movie out of it,” he declares. “I can’t see it. I can’t imagine how it could be what that film was. Not that Space Jam is a great movie, but it had something that touched that period of time because of who those athletes were and it doesn’t exist anymore.”
Storyline: Space Jam Movie
A few years ago, Pytka says representatives for Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard approached him to helm a sequel. He turned down that overture due to his belief that a new film wouldn’t work without the unprecedented global reach and appeal of the original production’s star. “I’ve worked with LeBron and I’ve worked with Steph Curry, and as good a player as LeBron is and as good a player as Steph Curry is, they’re not Michael Jordan,” he argues. “We will never see another player like him. He was a transcendent figure, much like Muhammad Ali. He was beyond his sport. These guys aren’t.”