Snoop Dogg Rumors

SLAM: What’s good with that NBA album, that collaborative joint? Stephen Jackson: Yeah. A guy who used to work for Bad Boy with Puff Daddy, he had to do with a lot of those records they were doing in the Biggie days, he came up with the idea of doing an album called Full Court Press, where it’s athletes and entertainers doing songs together. It was a great idea. When I went I was excited about it. I didn’t know who I was gonna be with, but it’s only right me and Bun [B] did a song. I went in there and I went so hard on the song with Bun that they asked me to do the intro with Yelawolf. It’s going to be crazy, man. I think LeBron’s on it, Rick Ross, Kevin Durant, Trevor Ariza, Shawn Marion, Josh Smith, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube—it’s supposed to be pretty hot.
The album Full Court Press Vol. 1 (which, oh boy, hopefully means there will be a Vol. 2) will featured 14 NBA stars, or “stars” rather. Lamar Odom and Carlos Boozer, among others, also appear. On the tracks they’ll be paired with rappers like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Twista and T-Pain. “I started having fun with it,” Howard told WTVJ about his rap experience. “I was like, you know what? I’ve done this before at home in the shower, but now it’s real in the studio, but I started getting into the beat. I have a little rhythm.”
First, we had Marquis Daniels and Suge Knight hanging out. Now this. Snoop Doggy Dogg Lion posted this photo with Celtics Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo at rapper Drake‘s OVO Fest in Toronto on Sunday. You’ll remember Snoop changed his last name from Dogg to Lion during a bizarre press conference, claiming he was Bob Marley reincarnated. Of course, Marley died in 1981, and Snoop was born 10 years earlier, so there’s that. And obviously Snoop’s religious awakening doesn’t stop him from still smoking a ton of weed.
Just in time for today’s NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles, Game and Snoop Dogg rep for their hometown in the Matt Alonzo-directed video for “Purp & Yellow,” the Skeetox remix off Game’s mixtape Purp & Patron. Featuring cameos from Lakers’ Ron Artest, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown, the Cali duo take over a warehouse soundstage to perform their version of Wiz Khalifa’s smash with a live band. Welcome to El Lay.
Laker fans wondering which song to add to their iPod playlist need to look no further than “Purp & Yellow” featuring The Game, Snoop Dogg and YG (kudos to Diandra for passing this along on the previous thread). I can’t link to the song because it has profanity, but like Phil Jackson does with his players, I’ll let you figure out how to find it on your own. I can, however, provide lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s verse about the Lakers: