Spike Lee Rumors

Spike Lee is set to receive an honorary Oscar at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s Governor Awards on Nov. 14. And to mark the occasion, Lee was gifted a pair of special sneakers that will match his gold statue. Lee posted an Instagram photo on Friday of his new golden Jordan 6s, and they’re pretty spectacular: Spike Lee: Special Love Shout To My Main Man Michael Jordan,Larry Miller And Reggie Saunders At The Jordan Brand For Blessing Me With These Super Dope, AIR JORDAN 6 “Oscar Edition” Sneakers. These Joints Are Gold Leafed- One Of A Kind. They Will Sit Next To The Oscar On My Home Mantelpiece. Yup,Still True- IT’S GOTTA BE DA SHOES.
No, Spike Lee was not frantically refreshing his browser last Friday trying to get a pair of Supreme Air Jordan 5s. According to his Instagram, he got a pair straight from Michael Jordan. Spike posted the above photo today and threw out a “Thank You MJ” in the caption, suggesting that the shoes were personally sent to him from Jordan. Then again, it’s possible that someone over at Jordan Brand on the entertainment marketing side of things sent these to Spike.