Stan Van Gundy Rumors

Drummond, who had a horrific season at the line — making just 36 percent — potentially could be changing his style to underhand free throws next season. There’s no guarantee, but Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said the unorthodox style popularized in the 1970s by Barry — who shot 89 percent from the line in his career, including 90 percent or higher in his last eight seasons — could be on the horizon for Drummond.
While Van Gundy acknowledged that Drummond’s troubles are mostly mental — but still some mechanical — the path forward will not be the typical method of just going in the gym and taking thousands of free throws to try to get better. “The one thing we do know is the traditional approach and nothing else, of simply trying to correct mechanics and go in the gym and shoot a lot of free throws has not worked,” Van Gundy said, “so we’ve got to (try something) else. We’ve got to be a little more creative in how we approach it. That’s all I can say right now.”
Van Gundy was somewhat derisive towards Lue after Game 2. When asked about Lue’s decision to put James in to start the second quarter instead of sitting him as Lue usually does, Van Gundy said, “LeBron’s always a pretty good adjustment. That’s really smart coaching. It is. That’s really smart coaching, to put LeBron on the floor. I give him a of credit for that adjustment, if that’s what you want to call it.”