Steve Mills Rumors

In an appearance on Mike and Mike’s ESPN Radio show, Jackson was asked about his sentiment GM Steve Mills sat on the lottery dais because he’s the future and will be with the Knicks organization for the long term. Jackson said Monday he expects Mills to be his successor, but he isn’t close to bolting. “I have a five-year contract and I just finished year one,’’ Jackson said. “I anticipate it will take awhile to turn this around and I want to be here through that phase. That was my commitment with Jim Dolan. He was trying to find a brand for our franchise in which people know how we play and identify the style of ball we play. I’ve had part of that history of coaching in the NBA. It allows you to take players to fit into the system that works well and had success. As time goes on, I can allow Steve to take over the whole operation. I don’t anticipate that’s going to be a big deal.’’
No offense to Steve, but why weren’t you the team’s public face on the dais at the draft lottery? Phil Jackson: I see Steve as the future of this franchise. I mean, I’m here for a time, and I’m trying to help turn it around the best way I can. But I can see Steve having a lasting tenure here, and this is one of the things that’s good about our relationship, that we can grow from our teamwork. I couldn’t believe that there was some kind of hue and cry over whether I should have been there to watch what in effect had taken place in a back room, where they had some balls rolling around in a hamster cage.

Knicks open to trading pick

Mills, who wore Dave DeBusschere’s Hall of Fame ring for good luck, admitted being disappointed that the Knicks ended up where they did. He also didn’t rule out trading the pick for more assets, as President Phil Jackson has discussed already. “We’re going to be open to a lot of things, but we know we can get a good player at this pick but we’re also going to be open to talking to teams and looking at different options,” Mills said.
Antetokounmpo’s Greece-based agent, Nick Lotsis, told The Post on Monday he spoke to GM Steve Mills last week. “We have not heard anything today,’’ Lotsis said. “We had a discussion with Steve Mills with the past week. There was no clear indication about whether he’ll be there for the remainder of the season or if they are thinking next season. He said he’s thinking seriously about Thanasis for the team’s future. I don’t think it’s clear how the season finishes.’’