Summer League Rumors

DA: The league experimented with “off-site” video review during the Vegas Summer League (really, it was just a locker room in the back of the buildings) to try and simulate how replays could be reviewed and decisions made by its league Replay Center in New Jersey during the regular season. At present, the Replay Center only lines up the replays for the officials on site; the referees at the games make the final decisions on reviewable matters. I think the league should take over that responsibility, just as the NHL and Major League Baseball have done. Hockey in particular has done an excellent job of having its replay officials in New York make quick decisions that don’t interfere with the flow of the game.
Warren and Goodwin both participated in the Las Vegas Summer League and both were very productive. Warren finished ninth among all players with 18.7 points per game on 54 percent shooting from the field, and Goodwin added 15.9 points per game while shooting 47 percent. Both players have been working out hard this summer and are doing all that they can to improve. “I’m feeling a lot more comfortable out there,” Warren said. “I’m familiar with the NBA style more so basically [I’m] just trying to work on my game. [The game is] coming a little slower. [I] just got to be patient with certain type of stuff [and] just got to use my head and going with my first instinct but that will come with more development and more experience being out there.”
via Basketball Insiders
Elie knows all about out-of-the-way. He played in Ireland, Argentina and Portugal, not to mention the minor league backwoods of the USBL (Miami Tropics) and CBA (Albany Patroons) before he ever got a sniff at the NBA. So to be back on the sidelines barking out orders as summer league coach and member of Scott Skiles’ new staff with the Magic feels better than silk sheets. “You can’t possibly know how much I missed it,” said the 11-year veteran swingman who earned three championship rings during his playing career. “I’ve been doing this all my life. I can’t be a lawyer or a doctor. Basketball is in my blood. I love everything about the game. I played overseas. I played in all the farm leagues. And I made it to the NBA. I appreciate it. That’s why when I took the floor in the NBA I didn’t take it for granted. I played hard every night.”
“It’s been hard,” Elie said. “I drive my wife crazy. Instead of watching the kids and helping them with homework, I’m watching basketball all day. Dissecting the game, watching my buddies play on TV, wishing I was out there. “But family comes first. I was on the road my first nine years coaching and not being around my kids. It’s been fantastic taking my kids to school, being psycho-sports Dad yelling at the coach on the sidelines. ‘Get my son the ball!’ My daughter at her volleyball games. It’s been fantastic. It was just fun being a dad.