Tim Grover Rumors

Tim Grover: Competitive dominance is about commanding fear and respect. I wrote about this in my book “Relentless,” and I’m retelling it here because it’s the best intimidation technique I’ve ever seen. Only one guy could pull this off: During the playoffs, Michael Jordan would occasionally wander into the opponents’ locker room, on the pretense he just wanted to say hello to a close friend on the other team. Now, if you knew MJ, you knew that was completely ridiculous because MJ didn’t care about saying hello to anyone, including his own teammates, especially right before a game. But try telling that to the guys in the other locker room: They’re getting ready to play, thinking about facing Michael Jordan and the world champion Chicago Bulls … and in walks Michael Jordan himself. The whole place would suddenly go completely silent, every pair of eyes following him, watching, wondering, waiting.
All along, Procopio kept working at summer camps, especially one at trainer Tim Grover’s Chicago gym. In ’06, Celtics forward Paul Pierce was walking in to lift weights with Grover as Procopio was walking out, and Pierce and Procopio agreed to meet later for an on-court workout. Grover witnessed that session and approached Procopio. “That was great work,” Grover told him. “I’ve never seen a guy who looks like you work out a guy like that.” “Take a ticket and stand in line, because you’re not the first guy or the last guy to tell me that,” Procopio responded with a smile. “Would you like to work for me?” Grover offered.
The explosion wasn’t back – and maybe never will be – but his ability to operate with and without the ball, his ability to make shots, big shots, too, had slowly, surely started to return. As one NBA coach who has scouted Bryant heavily in his comeback said, “He still had a long ways to go.” Bryant knows that, too, and yet maybe there’s a way that returning to rest and rehab can be a benefit for the last leg of his career. For those who believed Bryant had come back too soon from the Achilles tear, these several weeks promise to give the tendon more time to recuperate, more time to strengthen again. “This could be his best chance to come back stronger,” his longtime trainer Tim Grover said on Thursday.