Tom Heinsohn Rumors

“Oh, wow, I’m sure Al is going to come out and prove something,” teammate Kent Bazemore said when told what Heinsohn believes. “You know Al’s a great player and he’s extended his range. He can shoot it now, he can protect the rim and blocks shots and he’s a great leader. I could go on all day about all the accolades he has. Al’s a great teammate. “There’s always someone that’s going to say a guy’s not a good player. [Even] Jesus Christ had haters. What can you say?”
Horford, the Hawks’ four-time all-star center, was rumored to be target of the Celtics at the NBA trade deadline and a player they might pursue as a free agent this summer. Heinsohn’s co-hosts may not have shared his view. Kyle Draper followed the comment by saying, “I’ll tell you what, if he put on green next season, Tommy wants his jersey retired, hanging from the rafters.”
As a coach, Heinsohn won NBA titles in 1974 and ’76, and finished with a .619 winning percentage in 8½ seasons. “I had fun coaching,” he told the Globe. “I loved management before I coached. I was in the management end of the life insurance business. I managed an agency for four years, managing and training supervisors. And when the opportunity came to coach, I jumped at it because I’d be dealing with more motivated people. Being a coach becomes very political after awhile. That was not my forte.”