Tom Thibodeau Rumors

The Pelicans historically haven’t paid well for coaches, and Gentry’s deal reflects that. So maybe there was back-channel communication before the Gentry hiring that made Thibodeau less interested in that opening. I know some of his confidantes were encouraging him to take a year off, collect his Bulls salary and see what openings are available in 2016. He’ll be hired somewhere at some point obviously. The fact the Lakers and Thibodeau have been linked for two straight summers is intriguing.
Well, not all coaches. At a presentation on wearable technology organized by coaching agent Warren Legarie last year in Chicago, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau raised his hand. Everyone in the audience knew where this was going. Thibodeau, fired last week by the Bulls and replaced by Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg, had resisted overtures from Bulls management to employ wearable technology to monitor players’ recovery, league sources said. “He was basically challenging it, like, ‘Michael Jordan didn’t need that,’” Kopp said. “Fair point, but one of the most amazing athletes in the entire world, I would argue, would’ve benefited, too. There’s a reason why they call it old school, because it’s been replaced by new thinking.”