Troy Weaver Rumors

What about the emerging candidates? It’s been established that there’s no paucity of blacks capable of managing organizations. Who are they? Numerous NBA executives say that the two most highly regarded black candidates are Oklahoma City Thunder vice president and assistant GM Troy Weaver and Orlando Magic vice president and assistant GM Scott Perry. Knicks director of player personnel Mark Hughes and Utah Jazz vice-president of basketball operations Walt Perrin are also highly regarded. Sixers vice president of player personnel Marc Eversley, an African-Canadian who is expected to become a U.S. citizen soon, is also well-regarded candidate.
And there’s Troy Weaver, the Thunder’s assistant GM since the team moved to Oklahoma City. Weaver has been interviewed for more than a few jobs, and he had a very good opportunity to get at least one vacant GM job in the last couple of years, according to sources. But it didn’t work out at the time. But given Weaver’s resume, he shouldn’t have to jump at the first opportunity that rolls along. Oklahoma City has built a pretty strong organization to be respected, too.
It starts with a blue-collar approach that makes no room for excuses or complaints. It requires embracing the community and understanding the team’s role in it. It mandates you believe and buy in to a team philosophy and put aside individual goals for the greater good. “You can’t have an ego,” Thunder assistant general manager Troy Weaver told The Oklahoman earlier this month about working in the organization. Added director of basketball operations Paul Rivers: “Egos, it just doesn’t work here. You won’t survive. That’ll be your fastest way out the door.”
League sources told that one of the possibilities that Leiweke has identified is teaming Pritchard with Oklahoma City assistant GM Troy Weaver, whose name has been attached to several front-office searches in the past two years. It is unclear whether the Raptors have reached out to the Thunder to ask permission to interview Weaver, though it is highly unlikely that Oklahoma City would grant permission for Weaver to entertain a lateral move.