Twitter Rumors

Most Lakers media members were not immediately aware of his tweet, and Nance Jr. was not asked about it. But the tweet then became viral and the Lakers soon caught wind of it. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said he and team spokesman John Black addressed Nance Jr. about his tweet, which has since been deleted. “I’m not in a position to really share information,” Kupchak said after the NBA Draft on Thursday. “But it is something that they will have to discuss amongst the two of them. It’s my understanding that it’s something that happened a few years ago. And in today’s world, things don’t go away, which doesn’t make it any less offensive.”
Larry Nance Jr. was selected by the Lakers 27th overall on Thursday night, and the former Wyoming star was quickly called out for a tweet he sent out in May of 2012: “Gee I sure hope Kobe can keep his hands to himself in Denver this time… #rapist” Bryant was arrested on charges of sexual assault related to an incident in Eagle, Colorado in 2003. The case was dropped when Bryant’s accuser refused to testify in court. Once people started to share the tweet, Nance quickly deleted it. There will still be some awkwardness the first time they meet, though, we imagine.
Several times this offseason, Isaiah Thomas has appeared to recruit big men through Twitter. Tuesday night, the Boston Celtics guard took his talents to Instagram to let DeMarcus Cousins know he is wanted outside of Sacramento. After Cousins posted a photo on the social media website, Thomas left a comment: “If they don’t want u. I know who does lol.” Without much subtlety, Thomas seems to be alerting Cousins the Celtics would like to trade for him.
But Stevens doesn’t give the process that much thought. In fact, he’s rather calm and maybe even a little fatalistic about his future with the Celtics. The club is clearly overjoyed with his performance and happy he has four more years left on his contract, but Stevens is assuming nothing. In the case of the tweets, he’s not going to be hindered by those who reply. “I don’t ever really read the responses,” Stevens told the Herald. “I’ll check the people I’m following, but . . . I haven’t changed anything. I still follow the same people. I tweeted the one time, as you know, and I might here and there. But I don’t have a whole lot of desire to do it, but maybe if my owners tell me I need to or Danny (Ainge) says I need to, maybe I will.”