Twitter Rumors

How long have you been active on social media? Andrew Bogut: I have been active on social media since 2008. I have started with Facebook, my personal account and the fan page. Later on I opened my Twitter account. Do you consider social media a must-have for all professional athletes? Andrew Bogut: Yes and No. Some athletes like to be more private. I think it is good to connect with fans. Also, a lot of marketing and branding is done. These days your sponsors, brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, whoever you sign with, would like you to post things on your social media. It can help with the interaction with your sponsors.
When Bobby Marks was an assistant general manager with the Nets, he’d often have lunch with Mike Tannenbaum of the Jets and Omar Minaya of the Mets. The trio of executives would talk shop and bounce ideas off each other. They’d talk about the pressure of working in New York and the reality that, at some point, it would all be over. When Marks and the Nets parted ways in late May, Tannenbaum was one of the first people to call him. “For the next three days you’re going to get a lot of phone calls and emails and texts and it’s going to be all adrenaline,” Marks recalls Tannenbaum telling him. “By Monday, it’s going to be your family and the stragglers who forgot to call you. And by the following week it’s not going to be anybody.”
“I love working in the NBA, but it’s such a grind,” Marks said. “Wins and losses dictate how you talk to your kids and how you have a conversation with your wife. If you go out to dinner with another couple, you’re on your phone the whole time. Just to get back to civilization a little bit. If an opportunity came by from a team I would definitely look at it if was the right thing, but I’m not one to get a job just to get job. The media thing is real intriguing for me.”