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Oladipo is very proud of his Nigerian heritage and he said that his mother is very aware that her son could play for her native country. Nigeria, the 2015 Africas champion, still must qualify for the Olympics next summer. “My mom obviously knows because she pays attention to stuff like that, but she’s never mentioned anything to me about it,’’ Oladipo said with a chuckle. “I just go out there and play basketball. Whatever decision comes, I’ll make that decision when I need to.’’
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“While we sometimes automatically say the world has grown closer to catching up to the USA, the truth is, country by country, there’s a bigger gap than ever,” Fraschilla said. “There are quality NBA players among international players, but there are also more quality American players in the NBA who are now in the USA Basketball pool. “Argentina and Spain and the rest of the world for that matter don’t have the depth of talent pools that will be able to – in the next four-year cycle – consistently compete with the USA. Now, it doesn’t mean the USA can’t get beat at some point. But it’s less likely than it was say back in 2004 and 2006.”
“Back in ’04 as I watched where we were, USA Basketball, some of the other countries really had togetherness, like Argentina, like Spain. That was something I thought we needed to develop. So developing a national team concept, stating that we had to change our culture and to see where we are, it makes you feel very good. There was a plan. Right now we’re on a roll.” Colangelo said USA Basketball is seeking sites to play five “friendly” games before going to Rio de Janeiro. He is heading to the Olympic city and said he is concerned about the playing conditions just 11 months before the start of the Games.
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