Warren LeGarie Rumors

Well, not all coaches. At a presentation on wearable technology organized by coaching agent Warren Legarie last year in Chicago, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau raised his hand. Everyone in the audience knew where this was going. Thibodeau, fired last week by the Bulls and replaced by Iowa State’s Fred Hoiberg, had resisted overtures from Bulls management to employ wearable technology to monitor players’ recovery, league sources said. “He was basically challenging it, like, ‘Michael Jordan didn’t need that,’” Kopp said. “Fair point, but one of the most amazing athletes in the entire world, I would argue, would’ve benefited, too. There’s a reason why they call it old school, because it’s been replaced by new thinking.”
The Memphis Grizzlies have told coach Lionel Hollins that he is free to talk to other teams before his contract expires at the end of this month, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed to USA TODAY Sports. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of the issue. While it remains possible that Hollins could return, this is a clear sign that negotiations on a new contract have stalled. According to the person, Hollins had a three-hour meeting with Grizzlies CEO Jason Levien on Thursday that went well and negotiations in subsequent days took place with his agent, Warren LeGarie.
Here’s what we know for sure: As the Lakers-Kings game ended Sunday night, Mitch Kupchak called D’Antoni’s agent, Warren Legarie, at home. “Let’s do a deal,” said Kupchak, according to LeGarie. “C’mon, Mitch, you’re not using us, are you?” said a stunned LeGarie, according to LeGarie. Kupchak assured him he was in earnest. LeGarie pulled himself together and a deal was soon done. “We were as surprised as everybody waking up and reading about it,” LeGarie said the next morning.
Why do GMs hire their agent’s other clients instead of best coaching candidate available? Peter Vecsey: We know we don’t like it. It’s been happening for years. It’s not only Warren LeGarie and Olshey, it’s Arn Tellem. That’s where he started, as a workout guy. Arn Tellem has been pushing him. Warren has got a cult going or something, the way these GMs, presidents and owners listen to him. It’s fascinating that he’s able to get one of his clients into Portland with what went on with Kevin Pritchard. Your listeners are well aware of that. I believe I was the one who broke that story about how it happened. They ended up getting fired because the line to the owner and the owner’s right hand guy, they tried to usurp Miller and maybe it’s worked. Maybe that’s why Miller left. I don’t know Miller but maybe he left because they weren’t listening to him any more. I don’t know.
In its seventh year, the Las Vegas Summer League is thriving. Attendance is up and teams from both conferences have quickly filled up the available slots. But with a lockout looming, the league could be forced to close its doors in the summer of 2011. Warren LeGarie is hoping to prevent that. LeGarie, the high-profile agent who started the league, said he has explored the possibility of filling the slots next summer with teams from the NBA’s D-League (which would not be affected by a lockout) and European national teams. LeGarie said he has talked to representatives from several national teams, all of which have expressed interest in playing in Las Vegas.