WNBA Rumors

Swin Cash: At the end of your career, you do a lot of reflecting. I’ve played for multiple teams in the WNBA, and they’ve all felt like home: Detroit and Seattle, where I won championships, and Chicago, Atlanta and New York, my last stops. And the fans in each of those cities became something like family to me. They’re the reason I’m announcing my decision now. I want to spend this season showing my gratitude to everyone who’s been a part of this journey. It’s been rich not just because of the accomplishments and wins, but also because of the people in my life: family, teammates, mentors and fans.
Jerian Grant: Yeah, the women’s game isn’t often played above-the-rim. There are obvious differences in speed and strength between men and women. But if you say women’s basketball is “boring,” or if you want to repeat ignorant stereotypes about female athletes, I’m gonna stop you right there. You must not be a real basketball fan. If you were, you’d already know what I found out in college. I’m not saying Notre Dame was some kind of perfect place, but I know this: When men’s and women’s players support each other on and off the court, basketball is better. With the WNBA season coming up in May, I know I’ll be back at the Liberty games with my teammates. The women come to ours, so we go to theirs. Simple as that. It’s only my second year in New York, but I’m hoping to make it a tradition.