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But Ainge’s desire to see Durant in green stretches back almost a decade, and it’s not just an assumption from him sitting next to Wanda Pratt at a Big 12 semifinal. Those who know Ainge best swear that he would have picked Durant No. 1 in the 2007 draft over Greg Oden had the pingpong balls bounced Boston’s way. Ainge’s son Austin, currently Boston’s director of player personnel, wasn’t a team employee in 2007, but he noted in June 2014 that, “I was in the draft room, and they would have taken Durant. I did have some inside information there.” His story has been vetted by Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck.
Storyline: Kevin Durant Free Agency
He and Ainge talk weekly, according to McDonough. “We worked together for a number of years and those guys have become some of my best friends,” McDonough said. “Sometimes the calls are trade-related, sometimes the calls are social. I have a great relationship with those guys. I appreciate everything that Danny, [owners] Steve [Pagliuca], and Wyc [Grousbeck] did for my career, and regardless where I am the Celtics will always be my second-favorite team.
Early last year, you predicted the Celtics would score some big-name talent and that fans could expect “fireworks” in the roster. This hasn’t materialized, and you’ve since been criticized for the comment. Do you regret making it? MR. GROUSBECK: I’ve done that kind of thing since the beginning. I named [my investment group] Banner 17 and they only had 16 championship banners at the time. So that’s similar, which is to say, “We’re going for it, we’re going big.” We tried to light some fireworks over the last two summers. Instead, it’s been more steady progress. I’m always on the lookout for some fireworks, and I think it would be great for the franchise if we could make something happen. So, no, I don’t regret it. I learned from a professor back in Stanford Business School, if you don’t set a very big, aggressive goal, you’re never going to get anywhere.
Boston Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck accompanied the team on its European exhibition expedition earlier this month and even beyond the two lopsided victories the team posted overseas, came away gushing about the makeup of this year’s squad. “I think I’ve seen 13 teams now and this is as good an energy — positive energy and teamwork — as we’ve had,” said Grousbeck. “No fooling, the glass is more than half-full with these guys. These guys are fired up to be Celtics; they are glad to be here. They’ll do anything for the team.”