Boston could always trade a big to ease the roster crunch, and Sullinger might be the likeliest candidate to go. He’s had constant conditioning issues, he’s still a sub-30-percent shooter from deep after two years of hoisting, and he’s probably never going to be a plus defender. His agent, David Falk, does not mess around in extension talks. If Falk can’t get Sullinger a huge deal, he will have no qualms taking him into free agency.
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It was Jerebko’s first free agent experience after five seasons with the Pistons. “Yeah, I was up,” Jerebko said of the clock striking midnight to begin free agency. “I got a few phone calls. It was like proof that you had a good year. I had other teams interested, but after talking to Danny [Ainge] and the way we worked stuff out, this is where I wanted to be and we worked it out. It was fun to have other teams interested but Boston was always the No. 1 landing spot that I was hoping for.”
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