The key is to remain as flexible as possible heading into the draft and free agency as Ainge decides whether to double down on the rebuild, or go for broke like he did when he traded a combined seven players and three first-round draft picks for Ray Allen and Garnett in the summer of 2007. “I’m not sure that we have a Paul Pierce on our roster,” he said, “But I do think that we have a lot more things to trade, a lot more things to move (than in 2007). So much depends on the ping-pong balls and where we are. By May 17, we’ll probably know a lot more.”
“There are scenarios where our team could be better, and be significantly better,” he said, “and there are scenarios where we have younger players who are maybe not as good from a record standpoint, but from a developing standpoint have a much higher ceiling. There is plenty of urgency, believe me, to try to do our Plan A, our Plan B, and our Plan C. But you really have to be careful if those don’t come about with what you do with those assets.”