In a Facebook Video conversation at Nets practice Wednesday, Brook Lopez was asked by Chris Carrino if he he had found a “natural fit” working together. Lopez, the Brook in Brook-Lin, didn’t take a second to respond. “No question, no question. Jeremy is such a smart player, such a high Basketball IQ, that it’s easy to communicate with him. He picks up stuff very quickly. He’s figured out my game already. I mean he’s seen my game from playing against me. But just being on the court, playing together “We’ve grown immensely already. And he’s just so great coming off the pick-and-roll and attacking, getting in the paint, finding opportunity in that way. We’re absolutely building a great relationship. We’ve known each other previously but on the court for this short period we have been together, we’ve already grown comfortable together.”
“In some ways, Linsanity wouldn’t have been Linsanity if I was a different skin color, most likely, it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal, and that went to my advantage, too, but if you look prior to that, a lot of the obstacles to even get to that point where I could get to a position of getting on the floor, those were definitely obstacles that were very much stereotypes that I had to fight along the way. So I’ve always understood that there’s good and there’s bad and you have to take them together and just be thankful for it all.”