To date, Rose has posted just one game — the Nov. 16 home victory over the Pacers — in which he has shot 50 percent (9 of 18 in 96-95 triumph in which he took just two shots in the last 101/2 minutes). “All of it’s going to come,” Rose said. “It’s all about putting your game back together. It’s the first time I’ve had surgery on my face, so that’s something different. The depth perception of the rim is a little bit thrown off, so I’m dealing with that. I’m happy with the way I’ve been working out, getting the most out of every day. I’ve been going hard.”
On whether the Warriors can challenge the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record 72-win season: –Christie: “At first I was thinking ‘I don’t know.’ As I continue to watch them, The key term everyone glazes over is ‘team.’ This Warriors team is a team. They play together, they play for each other. When you look at 70, 72 wins that is a tough dish to get ahold of, but this Warriors team you’ve got to think (it’s possible). … This is a young team, a team that has really come together. I think they have an opportunity. Whether they do it or not