Nowitzki will now try to use the team’s warm-up games to rekindle his form, expecting to receive a boost from playing in front of a hometown Berlin crowd when group play of EuroBasket begins in early September. “You know, if it had been in July or early August, then I think there would have been no chance,” Nowitzki explained after making the decision to return to international play in June. “That would have meant that I would have had to practice right through and not even take some time off. But this way it’s, like I said, in September. I’m usually here (in Dallas), playing with the guys anyways in five-on-five, so that really was the big key for me. That way, all month of May, I was traveling some, and June was off. I got some family time in. I was just home (in Germany) a couple of days, saw my family and went to the Champions League final in Berlin, so I had some great times already.”
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