Long gone is the great debate about whether Williams or Chris Paul is the NBA’s best point guard. Williams’s wicked crossover has tempered. A turbulent half-decade with the Nets nearly shattered his confidence to a point beyond repair. “I spent four years just being injured. Injury after injury after injury,” Williams tells SI.com. “That just takes a toll on you. You’re playing hurt, you can’t get where you need to go, you can’t get by people, you start missing shots, you start questioning everything.”
Seham’s public statement included an apparent shot at NBRA nemesis Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks. “Referees operate in an environment in which an influential NBA team owner has repeatedly mocked the efficacy of fines as means to change bad behavior. Recent league precedent dictated that a coach who aggressively charged onto the floor during live action and physically interfered with a referee would be suspended. We are now operating at a lower level with less transparency, degraded safety and diminished respect for the game. Coaches should compete by creating better teams, not by physically intimidating officials.”