The short-term outlook for Nuggets center Nikola Jokic’s sprained wrist isn’t great. He’ll likely at least be out the next three games, Nuggets coach Michael Malone said Saturday. Jokic missed his second consecutive game Saturday night. “Talking to Nikola, he wants to play right when he can catch the ball,” Malone said. “I think we’ll probably be a little more cautious than that on this road trip, maybe get it looked at again just to kind of see where it’s at once the swelling goes down.”
Even with his championship ties to the Miami Heat, including his friendship with former University of Florida roommate Udonis Haslem, yes, Miller acknowledged Wednesday, he was front and center in July in the Denver Nuggets’ bid to lure Dwyane Wade from the Heat in free agency. “These are all rumors,” Miller first tried to laugh off, as he prepared for Wednesday night’s game against the Heat at the Pepsi Center. Except, they weren’t. “I did,” Miller relented.
“Bottom line is he was out there looking,” Miller said. “Obviously I have a great relationship with him, wanted to see where his head was at.” And while Miller said he was “surprised a little bit” of Wade even getting to the market, “I knew there were some possibilities when I talked to him, for sure. I was still shocked. That relationship’s too good.”