SLAM: Just sitting here next to you, the obvious difference is the muscle you’ve put on your frame. You’re obviously preparing to handle more of a load down low going into the season. AD: It’s probably like 10-12 pounds. I’ve just been really working, man, and staying in the gym; weights. That’s the first thing that everybody says when they see me: “Oh, you’re getting bigger!” When you’re going against Dwight Howard and Big Cuz, you gotta put on some weight.
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In a report by TMZ, it was stated that Lawson attended a hearing for his case in Denver last week with the judge saying that he’s made “excellent progress.” Another hearing for his case in Los Angeles is scheduled for next week. “I spoke to Ty. That’s my best friend,” said Faried, who’s about to enter his fifth year in the NBA. “We talk frequently – just about BS, like we just have conversation – and it was tough, you know, cause like I said that’s my best friend, that’s my boy, we was tight, but it’s the nature of the beast. It’s business. You can’t really dwell on the past.”
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“My relationship with them is still great,” Hayes said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “‘I’ve got so many good relationships at the Toyota Center and with the Rockets, from the top all the way to the bottom. “This doesn’t change anything. This doesn’t change how I feel about the organization, how I feel about the people in charge of player personnel. “Only thing this does, we’re opening up the door for other possibilities to come.”
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