Back then opposing fans would regularly lob verbal grenades at him. “There’s literally nothing you can say about me or any member of my family that I haven’t heard before,” Redick says. Much of the venom was unwarranted, though Redick wasn’t perfect either. “JJ could, and sometimes would, have beers the night before a game in college,” says Redick’s friend and former Duke teammate Shavlik Randolph. “And yet he’d still be the best player on the court the next day.”
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The rivalry has played into the lates State Farm Insurance ad “Trees.” The Clippers’ Paul and center DeAndre Jordan can be seen watching game film of Portland guards Lillard and CJ McCollum from last season’s playoffs, of which the Blazers defeated LA in six games during the opening round. As the Clipper teammates break-down film, Paul notes, “These two could be a problem. They can hit from anywhere!.” To which Jordan responds, “They’re going down!.” “We’ve got a a plan for them,” Paul quips back. The ad then cuts to Paul and Jordan, along with a State Farm agent, repeating the script verbatim as two trees fall over to smash a luxury SUV.
Houston was interested. So were Brooklyn and the New York Knicks. “I took less to come back here,” he said. “… I’m not taking this for granted. I was on a team where it was very bad. There are only four or five teams in the league with a realistic chance to win this year, and I think we’re one of them. I’m not taking this for granted. I know if I go somewhere else, I might not ever be on a team like this again. A lot of people go their whole career and never play on a team like this.”
Emmy Award winning multimedia production company OBB Pictures announced Tuesday the Nov. 2 premiere of “The 5th Quarter” — a 12-episode mockumentary comedy series that will feature NBA stars Blake Griffin, Karl-Anthony Towns and Chandler Parsons, as well as comedians George Lopez and Jeff Ross and sportscasters Kenny Mayne and Ahmad Rashad. The series will be available for free exclusively on or the go90 app. A new episode will be released every Wednesday.