Zubac believes he can bring the skyhook back to the Lakers. “That’s going to be my move,” Zubac said. The 19-year-old naturalized Croatian, drafted by the Lakers with the 32nd pick in June, practiced the move while overseas, but he wasn’t encouraged by coaches to try the shot in games. “When I was joking around, I was always shooting the skyhook,” Zubac said. “I knew I could hit it, but in Europe, you don’t have freedom to do things like that. When I started working with [special assistant to the general manager] Bill Bertka, we were watching film of Kareem, and he asked me if I can shoot the skyhook, and I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’
“He’s only worked out for three teams – the Knicks, Wizards and Lakers – so teams still don’t know the work he’s put in or what he’s done. They still think he’s the old Hasheem, when he really isn’t. I think people will see that he is a different player when he gets with an NBA team and he gets in games and he plays well. That’s when, I think, people will start investigating and wondering what he did over the summer to improve. I mentioned his name to a couple other teams [outside of the three that worked him out], people I know and trust in the league. I won’t mention those names, but they hadn’t seen him and so the only memory they had of him is the old Hasheem.