After spending time in New York for the shows, how does fashion differ in NYC and Memphis? I live nine months in Memphis and then off-season in Columbus, Ohio, where there aren’t even high-end department stores nearby. [My wife] Mary was actually joking that H&M was just coming to Columbus this summer, which tells you that the ability to dress to your individual taste is kind of difficult. I have a stylist, so that helps keep me fashion-forward, but most of the time I can really just go around town in my Grizzlies gear and fit right in! That’s what made [New York Fashion Week: Men’s] so fun—I finally had a reason to push the limits with fashion!
Shortnotice, which was part of a Microsoft Ventures‘ accelerator program in the summer of 2014, hasn’t been able to grow past around 3,800 registered users. While Nijhawan assured me the app would get an update in September and that the team had planned an exciting marketing campaign featuring Memphis Grizzlies player and NCAA Champion Russ Smith, the app’s unwieldiness could make user retention and acquisition difficult. Shortnotice is centered on text-based input and a fatigued interface, and as Barillas’ team noted early on, an enticing user experience and visual interaction signage is critical.
Matt Barnes had to have been stung by the public rejection Rihanna served him Monday on Instagram, but if it’s possible, things just got worse: One of his former teammates said he’s “obsessed with Rihanna.” Talking to Sports Illustrated, Davis said of his former teammate: “I think he likes her,” Glen Davis said. “I think he just had a big crush. He said a little too much. He has a crush. It’s just a little high school fling thing. He’s just obsessed with her. Like on the plane, he talks about her all the time. … It was just something friendly, Rihanna didn’t have to kill him like that.”
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