And then flee, minutes later, for the safety of his hotel room across the street. And then call his mother, Jennifer, back home in Mountain View, California, to cryptically exhale, “We did it.” And then vomit — not once but twice — as the sheer thought of a four-year, $50 million contract caused Tyler’s body to revolt against his brain. “S—,” Bosh said after hearing the news. “Fifty?” “We hadn’t even come to a decision yet,” Johnson recalls of the ongoing bidding war, “but I didn’t know how to react.”
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The Heat forward’s son, Kedonis Haslem, is a high school football player at Fort Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas. Kedonis, a senior, is rated as a three-star offensive guard by 247 Sports. Kedonis will pick where he’ll play college football in the next few months. FIU is considered the favorite to land Kedonis, according to 247 Sports. I spoke to Udonis about the other athlete in his family for the latest installment of our question and answer segment we will bring you throughout the season. Q: How involved are you with Kedonis’ football stuff? Udonis: “I’m at every game I can based on my schedule. I work out with him in the summer time when I can. I’m involved, but not too involved as far as his process of colleges. I’m not going to pick his situation for him. I’m just going to be supportive and help him make the best decision for himself with what he feels comfortable with.”
Wade’s former trainer, Tim Grover, fueled further speculation about an eventual reunion for Wade and the Heat while making an appearance on FS1’s “UNDISPUTED” on Oct. 19. While discussing several NBA topics with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, Grover expressed his belief that Wade will end up coming back to the Heat. Grover made it clear that he hasn’t had any discussions with Wade or Riley, but stated that he has “a gut feeling” that Wade “will finish his career in Miami.”