As he gets set for another showdown against his close friend and former teammate LeBron James, Dwyane Wade acknowledged Thursday that he had to change his game far more than James did during the pair’s four years together with the Miami Heat. “I definitely changed mine more,” Wade said with a laugh after Thursday’s practice. “It’s not even a conversation. There’s no conversation to have. I definitely had to change mine more.”
16 hours ago via ESPN
Even with his championship ties to the Miami Heat, including his friendship with former University of Florida roommate Udonis Haslem, yes, Miller acknowledged Wednesday, he was front and center in July in the Denver Nuggets’ bid to lure Dwyane Wade from the Heat in free agency. “These are all rumors,” Miller first tried to laugh off, as he prepared for Wednesday night’s game against the Heat at the Pepsi Center. Except, they weren’t. “I did,” Miller relented.