Thoughts on the controversial Draymond Green groin kick? Karl-Anthony Towns: No, I don’t think he meant it. Anyone who knows Draymond knows he’s not like that. Draymond’s a fierce competitor, but that’s not his character. He was just trying to get a foul called, and it just so happened that he just swung and his arms and legs just happened to hit him there. It was not intentional whatsoever.
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
Goals for next season: Karl-Anthony Towns: For me, it’s all about team goals. We want to make the playoffs, we want to end the drought. I think it’s 13 years now. We want to end that drought and we want to go to the playoffs, and we don’t just want to be there and be a first round team. We want to be able to make a deep run, so we’re making those steps now. It also depends on me improving every single aspect of my game.