There’s some big basketball news with Jeff Hornacek being the new Knicks coach. How do you think he’ll benefit your game? Carmelo Anthony: One thing I do know is he wants to play as a fast-paced team, up tempo. You just look at the teams that he’s coached in Phoenix, and how quickly they wanted to get up the court and play. We still have time to figure everything out as far as sitting down and seeing what he wants and seeing what we want as a team. And we’ll figure that part out.
14 hours ago via NBPA
Some reports have suggested that Hornacek was Jackson’s preferred target throughout his coaching search. If that was the case, Jackson didn’t inform his good friend Rambis, who became the Knicks’ interim coach after Fisher’s dismissal. Jackson’s decision to hire Hornacek caught Rambis off guard, sources say. That Rambis would have a role with the organization was seen as a foregone conclusion earlier this month, but his future with the club is less clear now.
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