Is Westbrook looking forward to Saturday? “What’s going on Saturday?” he said. You play the Warriors. “Oh, s—,” he said, laughing. He claimed to honestly not be thinking of that. “Yeah, yeah, I mean it’ll be a good game,” he said, recovering. “Like I’ve said before, I really just take it one day at a time, enjoy this win tonight, go home, enjoy my family and get ready for Saturday when that comes.”
But with Howard widely expected to demand the max, it puts the Rockets in quite the quandary. They would clearly prefer to do a more reasonable deal to keep him, one that doesn’t have him making approximately $41.5 million at the age of 35 in his 17th season (2020-21) – especially if they have a chance at landing Kevin Durant. The 27-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder star is the biggest fish in the free agency sea this summer, and the Rockets – who traded for his pal and former Thunder sixth man, Harden, in Oct. 2012 – are expected to make a serious run at the former MVP. They are slated to have approximately $45.5 million in salary cap space, meaning something has to give if there’s any hope of a Harden-Howard-Durant union in the works.
The Rockets’ grand plan, sources said this week, remains making an all-out pursuit in free agency this summer for Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. Rockets officials have long believed privately that they will have as good a chance as any team to steal Durant away from the Thunder in the offseason because of his strong relationship with his former teammate, Harden, and the room Houston has to pay Durant max-contract money while also re-signing Howard.
Storyline: Kevin Durant Free Agency