“To be honest, I did not even expect to be extended,” Fournier told Yahoo. “I had no pressure about that. If there was something good, I will take it. If not, I can wait until the summer. I don’t have to worry about it and make the wrong decision. I have confidence in myself and the season that I’ll have. The contract will take care of itself. “You can’t go on the court and think about a deal. You must be focused and you must have the right mindset.”
And now, Fournier’s skills and size – his shooting, craftiness and 6-foot-7 frame – have synchronized with his mind to make him the Magic’s leading scorer. “I have to keep working on this challenge of being a top option, one I have to accept to try to lead the team and go back to the playoffs,” Fournier told Yahoo Sports. “My goal is never to be a No. 1 option. I just want to play as good as I can, and help Orlando go to the playoffs and have a great season. I don’t think about any numbers or stats.
The Magic are not actively looking at trades or changes, and they likely won’t do much in the way of outbound shopping this year. While every team is open for business, the Magic are truly using this season to figure out who are really the long-term pieces to the championship puzzle. The Magic are going to face some tough decisions in the immediate future, mainly because as bright as some of the parts are, the Magic are still one player away from being a serious contender, and that may require cashing out some duplication to get there.
On Wednesday night, Nik Vucevic experienced something that had never happened during his previous 216 games played for the Orlando Magic: A coach benched him at halftime and didn’t put him back into the game. “It doesn’t affect my confidence at all,” Vucevic said Thursday. “Obviously, I would have liked to be out there with my teammates, but Coach made the call to not play me. I did what I could to support the team and I helped in any way I could. I felt like I could help them by being more vocal on the bench, supporting them, talking to them in timeouts and stuff. That’s what I want to do. It doesn’t matter who plays. What matters is that we win.”