Joel Embiid more serious now?

The 76ers consulted physicians from around the country and the world, including specialists from Australia, the Netherlands and Qatar, before Embiid’s second surgery. There are no guarantees that this operation will work — everyone thought the first one would do the trick — but Embiid at least is staying on top of his conditioning, after numerous stories came out during the summer about his being out of shape. “He just seems like (there’s) a new level of maturity, a new level of seriousness in him,” a source said. “The gravity of the situation is on him; it’s on everyone.”
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Dario Saric could come over from Europe next year, but as has been written before, it would make more sense financially for him to wait one more season and report to Philly in 2017. By doing so, he’d be three years removed from his Draft date, and thus would no longer be limited to his rookie contract. The Bulls’ Nikola Mirotic did this and was able to get a mid-level deal from Chicago instead of having to play on his rookie deal with the Bulls, who acquired the rights to him on Draft night in 2011.
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