The Rockets will have a comprehensive list of coaches to view whenever the season ends. Bickerstaff, who remains in good standing with management, will be part of that conversation. Alexander and Morey believe that Harden will play a role in helping to hire a coach and potentially sign free agents. Howard is not expected to have a role. It’s expected that he will become a free agent and seek a new team. Orlando, Milwaukee, Portland and Charlotte are the favorites.
Storyline: Dwight Howard Free Agency
Nick DePaula: I haven’t seen too many people want something in life — and work for it — more than this dude. We were sitting around the weekend before the season started, and I lobbed out a basic question: “Man…how do you think this season is gonna go now?” His entire starting lineup was gone. Dame didn’t hesitate for a second: “I’m gonna average 27, 7 & 5, CJ is gonna kill and we’re gonna make the playoffs.” He believed it every step of the way. Now it’s time to keep proving everyone wrong and handle home court tonight. #NeverDoubt #RipCity https://www.instagram.com/p/BEjdVW6n4AE/