So he is saying the Trail Blazers didn’t ever have faith and confidence in him? Man, I’m not sure that’s fair. It seemed to me the Trail Blazer organization loved Matthews, if not recently at least in earlier front-office regimes. Most people from the franchise sung his praises as a player, a person and a leader. And at the money he’s going to be making in Dallas, he better heal quickly and play very well. The higher your salary, the more scrutiny you face. Matthews, if things don’t go perfectly, might find out the Mavericks’ faith and confidence in him can fade.
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When the Spurs signed LaMarcus Aldridge to a maximum contract this summer, general manager R.C. Buford approached former San Antonio standout Bruce Bowen about allowing Aldridge to wear his retired No. 12. Bowen quickly agreed. “If you’re talking about a great player wearing your number like a Reggie Miller, that makes the jersey even better,” Maxwell said. “Now, when Fred Roberts wore my number or Mikki Moore wore it, I didn’t really feel good about it. Now, if you’re one of the greatest players to ever wear that jersey, I think that would be a little bit different.”
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The Trail Blazers have informed Allen Crabbe his contract will be guaranteed for the 2015-16 season, CSNNW.com has learned. The team had until Saturday to decide on Crabbe’s contract status. The 23-year-old is expected to make more than $900,000 next season. “It’s always good to know that your [contract] is going to be guaranteed so it just makes you focus on continuing to work hard for the rest of the summer and get prepared for training camp,” Crabbe told CSNNW.com on Friday. “I’ve got a clear mind just knowing that I’m going to be on the roster next year.”
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