Blake Murphy: Here’s Lucas Nogueira on the Chapecoense tragedy. I have a lot of soccer friends around the world, especially in Brazil. We have a group, a text group. And today before practice, I was in a group with my soccer friends, and my friends in the group, they know every player on the airplane. They started sending pictures and videos, my friends in the group, they were talking to guys before the plane take off. So look how crazy, like, videos, they’re happy, I have videos here right now. They’re happy, taking selfies on the airplane, about to go, and hours after that… A lot of people judge how intensely I live life. I like to live life with a lot of intensity, love and laugh and smile, jokes. And people judge me, why I live so intensely. The reason I live intensely is those things. You never know when our time is coming. I don’t live intensely because I’m crazy. I live intensely because I want to do everything before death, because unfortunately, you never know what’s gonna happen. And see, right now, one guy, he just found out he’s gonna be a daddy last week, and now he’s not gonna be able to see his daughter grow up. This is the reason I like to live life intensely, because I want to be prepared if something happens.