Gordon Hayward: But the guy who has impressed me the most has been Trey Burke. It’s a difficult situation to be asked to come off the bench after being a starter, which is what happened with him, and he’s extremely capable of starting for us. But I think he has really embraced his role and he’s been huge for us coming off the bench. He’s been the reason why we’ve won some games, with his energy and his scoring in that role. For him to be so committed to the team aspect that he’s embraced that, and can come off the bench, still play well and honestly give us a big lift, has been really impressive to me. It says a lot about who Trey Burke is.
Kanter wasn’t at his station when the locker room was opened to the media at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, but a few minutes later he strolled over, looking unconcerned. The first question, naturally, was whether enough time had passed to separate him from the emotion of last winter’s trade. “Yeah, I think I’m over it,” he said. Enes the Terrible was nowhere to be found and Enes the Agreeable was back. “I think they are over it too,” he said of his former team. “So it’s good to be back and just play.”