But the Jazz’s growing coffee group already includes several players, coaches and executives who sip espresso before practices and home games and visit hip coffeeshops on the road. The person most responsible for their awakening is Diaw, who brews espresso for the Jazz, because he believes drinking coffee is a team-building exercise. The other reason Diaw stops by his local coffeeshop at least once a day is that he is simply obsessed. He has an espresso machine at home. He has one in Utah’s practice facility. He’s already working on a third for the Jazz’s arena. He also has informed opinions about Nespresso pods. And he keeps a mental list of the best coffeeshops in NBA cities based on their walking distance from the team hotel.
The Jazz’s coffee group is open to anyone who wants to be a member. Utah guard George Hill was initiated on a trip to Los Angeles last week. The club went to a specific outpost of Intelligentsia Coffee that had been on Diaw’s list since its appearance in “Barista,” a documentary about the U.S. national coffee championships, which he watched on a flight this summer. Diaw’s next pressing need is to try some of the world’s most expensive coffee. It comes from coffee beans that have been digested, and then defecated, by cats and elephants. “I heard about that,” Diaw said, “and was like oh I gotta try it.”